The differences of the dry-spun spandex and the melt-spun spandex


The breakthrough and maturity of the melt-spun spandex production process has great significance in raising resource utilization, protecting and improving the environment, and promoting the sustainable economic and social development.


1.Water Consumption

There is no water demand in the melt-spun spandex process, but lots of water needed of dry-spun spandex.

2.Solvent Consumption

Melt-spun spandex does not use solvents, and its process is clean without wastes.The harmful solvents DMAC and DMF need to be added into it during the production of dry-spinning spandex.

3.Solvent residue

No solvent in the melt-spun spandex process, no residue, green and safe.

However, there will be solvent residue in dry-spun spandex, which is harmful to the environment and human liver.

4.Recyclable and degradable

Nowadays, the rising social reserves of waste chemical fiber textiles make it more urgent to recycle the waste textile. The melt-spun spandex meets the requirements of circular economy, which is environmentally friendly and degradable. Otherwise, the dry-spun spandex increases the environmental pressure for its no degrade. The application and the promotion of the melt-spun spandex will be of great significance in receiving the circular economy of the recycled fiber industry.


Melt-spun spandex feels soft and wears comfortable with good resilience, while the fabric of dry-spun spandex is stiff.


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