Product Introduction

MENGSHA spandex adopts the advanced melt-spun process. There is no solvent and residue with clean production process. It is recyclable and degradable. The MENGSHA spandex has the characteristics of green and environmentally, touching soft, and smooth.


Bangtai can produce a wide range of melt-spun spandex products, which can be widely used in high-end underwear, cashmere sweaters, hosiery, jeans, swimwear, diapers, sportswear, medical bandages, etc., to meet the needs of customers in different demand.


Brief Introduction

Melt-spun spandex is widely applied on hosiery for is character of soft, skin-friendly and resilience. The performance of anti-run down is deeply loved by consumers.

High-end underwear

Brief Introduction

The underwear will be comfortable and breathable, safe and environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body.


Brief Introduction

The melt-spun spandex is suitable to the sportswear fabrics. It can improve the flexibility and comfort of the garment and wears stylish.


Brief Introduction

Melt-spun spandex has the unparalleled advantages of dry-spun spandex, soft and comfortable, safe and hygienic, no chemical solvent residue, especially suitable for diapers.

Cashmere sweaters

Brief Introduction

The melt-spun spandex fiber of fine denier is added to the cashmere fabric to enhance the comfort and resilience of it, and can also improve the level of the cashmere sweater.


Brief Introduction

The denim is fashionable and loved by young people. The melt-spun spandex makes the denim garment softer and more comfortable, which enhances the beauty and comfort of the wearer.


Brief Introduction

Melt-spun spandex fiber can be used in swimwear, with long-lasting elasticity and close-fitting shape. It prevents the erosion of chlorine water, sunscreen, high temperature and other unfavorable elements effectively,

Down jackets

Brief Introduction

The down jackets and outdoor suits use melt-spun spandex fabric to enhance the resilience of the garment with attractive looks.

Shoe flyknit materials

Brief Introduction

In recent years, flyknit shoes are popular in famous sports brands. The special flyknit fiber for shoe materials is made of TPU heavy denier as the main raw material. It can be recycled and degradable. The shoes are soft

Biological medicine

Brief Introduction

Melt-spun spandex has irreplaceable advantages in the field of health care fabrics. It is soft, breathable, environmentally friendly, and harmless, recycled and degradable. It replaces the traditional dry-spun spandex fabric

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