Investigation and research on Gong Xiaofeng, director-general of Industry and Information Department of Hebei Province to Bangtai spandex company


On March 1,2020, Gong Xiaofeng, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and director-general of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province, went to the company to conduct research, and had an in-depth look at the prevention and control of the epidemic in the company and the resumption of work and production, in the course of visiting the production workshop, I had a detailed inquiry and understanding of the company's products, and listened to Chairman Lang Zengke on the spot on the company's Development Goals, development planning.

Gong Xiaofeng pointed out that the company's melt-spun spandex project is a key construction project in Hebei Province. Industry and information departments at all levels should make every effort to build a good platform, further optimize the construction environment, and do a good job in publicity and service, to provide strong technical support and policy support for enterprises. Gong Xiaofeng also raised expectations for the company's Development, encouraging the company to focus on the current, focus on the long-term, seize the opportunity to strengthen the brand operation, expand the domestic market, give full play to the product technology and production capacity advantages, and promote the expansion and strengthening of the spandex industry.

Cao Haibo, deputy mayor of Baoding, Wang Dongjiang, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and some comrades in charge of the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology took part in the survey.


Research on Gong Xiaofeng in Bangtai SPANDEX company


Bangtai chairman Lang Zengke in the introduction of melt spinning SPANDEX project cutting edge products

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