Job Description

Job demand Responsibility Qualifications
R&D Engineer 1.Participate in R&D of new products such as TPU, hot melt adhesive, melt-spun spandex, water-based PU adhesive, and ETPU
2.Responsible for optimizing process design, process validation
1.Major in polymer materials, PHD
2.More than five years of independent work experience with solid theoretical foundation
3.Love R&D, work hard
technician 1.Solve technical and design issues in the production process
2.Continuously improve product performance according to customer needs, and cooperate with sales department to solve customer technology related problems
1.Major in polymer materials, master's degree or above
2.Relevant experience is preferred
3.Love R&D, work hard
QC 1.Responsible for raw material testing and testing, online product testing, and finished product testing
2.Use the relevant equipment to test the various indicators of the product.
1.Polymer Materials, Materials Chemistry, Bachelor degree or above
2.Have professional theoretical knowledge and understand basic chemical operations
3.Strict work attitude
Salesperson 1.  Responsible for the sales of TPU, spandex chips and melt-spun spandex products;
2.  Customer development and maintenance;
3.  Coordinate the company's technical staff to solve customer related problems.
1. College degree or above, marketing, and chemical related majors are preferred;
2.2 years of sales work experience;
3. Strong communication, development and teamwork skills.

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